In my work, I’ve found myself coming back again and again to the places of tension in relationships, which is another way of saying that I come back to places of  movement—places where needs and desires conflict or coalesce, where the thread of connection may snap entirely, or perhaps, where living beings may be knit into tighter interdependency.

I have never dwelt easily inside disciplines with limited scope; I am currently pursuing a second degree in Art & Ecology at the University of New Mexico, moving away from my planned explorations in painting and printmaking into performative works concerned with phenomenology and relational aesthetics. I first earned a bachelor’s in Biology at Vassar, and have a professional background in both clinical genetics and in museum administration. With my current focus, I am delighting in the fact that no subject is off-limits to the fierce curiosity of the artist, and through the study of Art & Ecology, I am seeking to move my work ever-deeper into interdisciplinary territory, where the complex entanglements of living things can be felt resonating in the body.