Seed Quilt, 2017

Seed Quilt for Web.jpg

Inspired by the heritage agricultural practices taking place at Ron Boyd's Mergirl Gardens farm along the Rio Grande, I created the Seed Quilt to invite organisms vital for human survival back into the emotional center of human life. Each pocket of the Quilt contains a different variety of heirloom or regionally-adapted, food-producing seed, and contains a guide for the spacing of plants.

Corn, beans, squash, and others all sleep as we sleep. Our mutual history is one of control, as humans culled plant ancestors and shaped them to our use. But even a point of conflict holds the potential to become a touch point for compassion as jagged edges are worn down to softness through mutual action. Our predecessors bred these seeds to thrive by spending the winter inside a cool, dark, and dry human-made space, and now we may now tenderly share the intimate familial space of the bedroom.

The Seed Quilt contains the germ of plants that will grow to feed family, friends, and myself next season. It provides a comfortable resting place for these seeds, close to the hands of the companions that will bear them into the damp sun-warmed ground in spring. I likewise will repose warmly through the winter, sheltered under the protective ground created by this fabric, with the comforting weight of the seeds on my body.